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Private Group
Wealth Management, LLC

Founded in 2000, Private Group Wealth Management, LLC, is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).We focus on two specific areas of wealth management: comprehensive asset management and financial planning for individuals and families, and retirement plan consulting for plan sponsors at small to midsize businesses. With offices in Fredericksburg, Texas, and Miami, we are able to offer a high level of personalized service to every one of our clients.
Over the years, we’ve found that the key to successful wealth management lies in following a detailed discovery process with each client. By combining our understanding of each client’s financial personality, including tolerance for risk, desired return, required tax efficiency, desired liquidity, and investment time horizon with our knowledge of global investing, wealth transfer strategies, and taxation, we’re able to build customized, tax-conscious portfolios designed to perform well over the long term, and offer constant guidance and insight to help our clients stay on course toward financial success.
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