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At Private Group Wealth Management, LLC, we provide 401(k) and retirement plan consulting services to plan sponsors at small to midsize businesses. We specialize in advising fiduciaries of their responsibilities, assisting plan sponsors with the selection, implementation, monitoring, and management of effective 401(k) savings and retirement plans, and educating employees to help them make appropriate decisions with their retirement accounts.

As a plan sponsor, does your 401(k) plan provide
your employees with a real chance of retiring with dignity?

Business owners who offer a 401(k) plan to their employees are held accountable for a level of knowledge that, for most, lies outside their areas of expertise. And while many 401(k) providers employ outside fiduciaries to monitor selected investments, plan fiduciaries remain liable for the plans they provide to their employees. Our goal is to help protect companies from the fiduciary risk and regulatory risk associated with 401(k) plan sponsorship, while simultaneously working to drive the success of the plan—for the company and its employees.

Acting in a fiduciary capacity, we serve as a legal advocate for each client company and the plans they sponsor. Our team works in concert with the plan custodian and record keeper/CPA to establish a structured investment process, support the success of the plan through ongoing advice and guidance, and assist with the following plan-related activities to help create retirement plans designed to deliver benefits to both sponsors and participants:

  • Coordinate the establishment of an Investment Committee for the plan

  • Issue an Investment Committee Charter

  • Draft an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Issue Quarterly Monitoring Reports on the plan’s investments

  • Coordinate regular Investment Committee meetings, including reviews of Quarterly Monitoring Reports

  • Conduct group enrollment/education meetings for plan participants

  • Meet with participants on an ongoing basis to advise them on plan allocations

  • Actively manage investment portfolios that can be selected by participants to allocate their funds

  • Ensure compliance with Department of Labor plan-related standards

Effective June 9, 2017, all individuals who provide advice to retirement plans, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), must abide by the fiduciary standard.  What does the fiduciary standard mean?  This means that your advisor must put your interests first before their own or that of the firm, make prudent recommendations, charge reasonable compensation, and make no misrepresentations to you regarding recommended investments. 

The recommendations made by your advisor must be based upon your specific investment needs and objectives.  The fiduciary standard is applicable to any recommendations that your advisor makes to you, the client, for your retirement account. 

The fee charged by the firm is based upon the amount of money you invest. It has been deemed to be reasonable and are as follows:

Portfolio Size (AUM)                        Annual Fee (%)

Up to $250,000                                 1.25%

$250,001-$999,999                          1.00%

Assets over $1,000,000                   0.90%

The fees shown above are annual fees and may be negotiable based upon certain circumstances. No increase in the annual fee shall be effective without prior written notification to you. We believe our advisory fee is reasonable considering the fees charged by other investment advisers offering similar services/programs

Please note the firm does have policies and procedures in place to monitor this level of fiduciary responsibility for our clients.

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